An informed, confident, and motivated public will advance climate action.

We are launching a climate museum in New York City to serve as a hub for climate engagement and leadership in a challenging world.

The Paris Agreement of 2015 holds great promise for the transition to a clean energy economy and culture. Despite the range of efforts across society to make this transition real, the threats of denialism and obstruction are more potent than ever.

We must rise to this challenge together. To do so, we need something new: a public space where we can gather to learn about climate change, face our fears, share solutions, and commit to change. The Climate Museum will be this place: a cultural and educational institution dedicated to climate issues and solutions.  

Our mission, adopted by our Founding Board of Trustees in January 2016:

To employ the sciences, art, and design to inspire dialogue and innovation that address the challenges of climate change, moving solutions to the center of our shared public life and catalyzing broad community engagement.

All gifts, sponsorships, and partnerships are screened for consonance with our mission.