We're On Our Way

  • MARCH 2014

    Launch of CM Initiative

  • JULY 2015

    NY State Grants CM Official Charter

  • FEBRUARY 2016

    CM Receives 501(c)(3) Non-profit Status

  • SEPTEMBER 2016

    Exhibitions & Programs Publicly Announced

  • FALL 2017

    Launch of First Exhibitions & Programs

  • Interim Museum Space

  • Permanent Home


Our interim space will lead to a campaign for the Museum’s permanent home: a transit-accessible, sustainable, inspiring, and tourist-friendly museum in New York City, international climate leader and museum capital. The Museum will have the capacity to accommodate one million visitors per year.

We are very excited to launch our first programming, starting in the fall of 2017, to build awareness as we establish an interim museum space for ongoing exhibitions and projects.

We have a powerful vision and we’re on a clear path. Join us as we continue to build momentum.