Why a Museum

Museums spark interest and critical thinking.

They deepen empathy and change attitudes and behaviors. Museums bring people together and generate dialogue and action. They create memorable lived experiences, making complex, distant subjects clear and tangible.

Remarkably popular and transformative, science and technolo museums captivate us in uniquely powerful ways, stimulating our natural curiosity about the world around us. American museumgoers are interested in learning more about climate change, but climate has been programmatically underrepresented in existing museums.

Welcoming people of all awareness levels, the Climate Museum will sere a large audience, including those interested in climate change but not yet fully informed or actively engaged. The Museum’s programming will be responsive to the spectrum of emotions many if not most of us feel

about climate change—from helplessness to hope. inally, the Museum will mobilize the encouragingly broad support for climate action that already exists. By focusing on solutions and collective eort, the Climate Museum will shift the conversation toward reasoned optimism and real transformation.

An immersive civic center, the Climate Museum will broaden the climate-engaged public by creating a unique space for trust, learning, inspiration, and participation—where we can come together to face climate challenges head-on, share solutions, and commit to change.