Climate Signals


SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 — November 6, 2018

Climate Signals was a public art exhibition by Justin Brice Guariglia. The show consisted of ten solar-powered highway traffic signs installed in parks and public spaces, sparking dialogue and drawing passers-by into the climate conversation. Climate Signals promoted understanding of the local impacts of climate change, its intersection with other urban challenges, and the importance of climate action by cities.

This exhibition was presented in partnership with the Mayor’s Office — Climate Policy and Programs.


a citywide, MultiLingual Conversation

Watch the sunrise at the Climate Signals installation in Far Rockaway, Queens. For more Climate Signals videos, click here.

The signs were sited across all five boroughs in a range of communities, including several that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Each sign flashed in the languages most commonly spoken in its neighborhood, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Russian. Tens of thousands of visitors over the show’s two-month run saw messages such as CLIMATE CHANGE AT WORK, FOSSIL FUELING INEQUALITY, and ALT FACTS END NOW.


Teacher Training for Climate Education , presented in partnership with the New York Hall of Science.

Teacher Training for Climate Education, presented in partnership with the New York Hall of Science.

The Climate Museum worked with seventeen programmatic partners, including social justice organizations, scientific research consortia, local environmental advocacy groups, and established museums, to co-present events at or near the exhibition sites. This programming built understanding of and engagement with climate change, ensuring that the work had a meaningful impact on civic culture and community life.


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