Photo credit: Arash Fewzee

Frequently Asked Questions


Why A Museum?

Museums are powerful places for learning and action.

The Climate Museum will be a vibrant cultural institution that researches, collects, and houses climate data and stories, and engages a diverse public in exploring this material. As a permanent, physical hub, the Climate Museum will be a force for cultural change, inspiring a wave of civic engagement with the challenges posed by climate change and generating momentum to overcome them.

Why New York City?

We need a home that will enable widespread climate engagement.

As a major cultural destination and an international leader in advancing progressive climate policy, New York City is the ideal location for the Climate Museum.

Who is your target audience?

We will expand the climate-active public.

Many of our core supporters will already be involved with climate issues, but our programming will be designed to be accessible to people of all ages who are not yet fully engaged. In addition to providing rich experiences, we aim to increase the number of people participating in climate solutions. Achieving widespread climate engagement depends not on changing the minds of avid climate deniers, but on inviting into the conversation the big middle: newcomers who are ready and willing to learn more. The Museum’s programming will:

What will be exhibited?

Our exhibitions will inspire dialogue and innovation in response to the challenges of climate change.

The Museum experience will ground climate change in an awe-inspiring look at Earth and human history. Our exhibitions will examine climate challenges and solutions from a multidisciplinary perspective, using lenses of science, politics, economics, ethics, psychology, and culture. They will draw on the power of art, data, artifacts, maps, images, stories, and interactive displays, inspiring visitors to move climate solutions to the center of our shared public life. Snapshot examples include: