(All museum sketches credit: Olafur Eliasson)

Creating a hub for climate science, art & dialogue.

A beacon for solutions.


An informed, confident, and motivated public will advance climate action.

We are launching a climate museum in New York City to serve as a hub for climate engagement and leadership in a challenging world.

As a society, we are currently poised between two competing realities. Failure to cultivate a national community that is both educated about climate risks and engaged with solutions gravely jeopardizes our future. But now and going forward, an informed, confident, and motivated public can advance climate action, safeguarding and amplifying climate progress.

We need a fundamental shift in the way our culture relates to the climate challenge. We need a public space where we can gather to learn about climate change, face our fears, share solutions, and commit to action. We need the Climate Museum.

The Climate Museum’s mission is to employ the sciences, art, and design to inspire dialogue and innovation that address the challenges of climate change, moving solutions to the center of our shared public life and catalyzing broad community engagement.



The Climate Museum’s exhibitions and programs reflect these priorities:


Accessible and dynamic, the Museum will inspire participation among diverse communities.


focus on SOLUTIONS

While telling the truth about the climate crisis, the Museum will be a center for pathways forward.


be Multidisciplinary

Leaders from many fields—including scientists, artists, educators, and others—will guide our exhibits.


Why A CLIMATE Museum

We need a shared space for learning and action.

  • A powerful instrument for change.
    Museums foster curiosity and critical thinking, shift attitudes and behaviors, and support dialogue and action. They make things clear, tangible, and meaningful.

  • A hub for learning and dialogue.
    Museums are hugely popular. Museum visitors at all levels of climate engagement want to learn more and trust museums as sources of climate information.
  • A new way to popularize engagement.
    We will welcome a diverse audience, including those new to climate issues. The Climate Museum will be a space for clarity, connection, inspiration, and action.

  • A place to express our commitment.
    There is no subject more urgent or more worthy of our collective attention than climate change. It demands an institution at the center of our shared culture.


We're on our way

We are pleased to launch our first programming in 2018 to build awareness as we establish an interim museum space for ongoing exhibitions and projects.


Our interim space will lead to a campaign for the Museum’s permanent home in New York City, known for its leadership in climate policy and its vibrant cultural life. The Museum will be transit-accessible and sustainable, with the capacity to accommodate one million visitors per year. At each stage, we will develop a strategic plan, including a comprehensive feasibility study, and engage the relevant partners and professionals to guide and execute our next steps.  

We have a powerful vision and we’re on a clear path. Join us as we continue to build momentum.