An informed, confident, and motivated public will advance climate action.

 (Museum sketches credit:  Olafur Eliasson )

(Museum sketches credit: Olafur Eliasson)

Climate change is the challenge of our time. We are launching a climate museum in New York City to rise to this challenge together. 

The Climate Museum will provide a home base for a wave of vibrant and robust engagement with the climate challenge. A locus for possibility, it will cultivate a shared identity for a new and inspiring climate citizenship. It will be a landmark in the New York City cultural landscape, drawing us together around the social justice, public health, and urban design challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.

The Climate Museum’s mission is to employ the sciences, art, and design to inspire dialogue and innovation that address the challenges of climate change, moving solutions to the center of our shared public life and catalyzing broad community engagement.



The Climate Museum’s exhibitions and programs reflect these priorities:


Accessible and dynamic, the Museum will inspire participation among diverse communities.


focus on SOLUTIONS

While telling the truth about the climate crisis, the Museum will be a center for pathways forward.


be Multidisciplinary

Leaders from many fields—including scientists, artists, educators, and others—will guide our content.


We're on our way

We are in the early stages of a multi-year process:


After presenting vibrant, interdisciplinary, participatory climate programming in temporary and public spaces over the next two years, we will open a museum lab space to deepen our relationships with different constituencies, our understanding of what works, and our proof of concept. 
The lab space will lead to a campaign for the Climate Museum’s permanent home in New York City. The Museum will be both transit-accessible and in the vanguard of sustainable design, with the capacity to accommodate one million visitors per year. 


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