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“Climate Museum Sends Distress Signals to Stimulate Discussion”

The New York Times, August 30, 2018—The 10 large solar-powered signs installed in the five boroughs through October are part of “Climate Signals,” an exhibition by the Climate Museum. Click to read the full article.


“Ask a Scientist: How to Deal with a Climate-Change Skeptic”

The New Yorker, November 17, 2018—On a recent drizzly, cold Saturday, a climate scientist named Gisela Winckler was standing at Beach Ninety-fourth Street, in Rockaway, Queens. The ocean behind her was gray-green, uninviting, confused, the wind blowing hard onshore. Click to read the full article.


Art can play a valuable role’: climate change installations appear in New York

The Guardian, September 4, 2018—The existential threat of climate change is being spelled out to New Yorkers via a selection of flashing highway signs that have been placed around the city. Click to read the full article.


“The Climate Museum Captures the Gravity of a Global Crisis”

Hyperallergic, February 9, 2018—“The challenging nature of science communication, and especially climate communication, is one of the central reasons we need a museum dedicated to this subject,” Miranda Massie, founder and director of the Climate Museum, told Hyperallergic. Click to read the full article.


Signs of climate change pop up in New York”

The Washington Post, September 9, 2018—A trip to a New York park may offer an emblematic view of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor, or a relaxing glimpse of green foliage. But these days, those scenes may be partially blocked by a blinking sign with an unusual message. Click to read the full article.


A trip to a museum for convincing Americans about climate change

The Atlantic, February 5, 2018—Since January 25, after sunset, the shades on a window-walled gallery in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village have rolled up, and the sidewalk outside has been cast in a cool, blue glow. Click to read the full article.




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