Science Working Group


Scientists and educators are invited to contribute to the Museum’s scientific programming to maximize public engagement with climate science. The Science Working Group is a critical resource, one that informs the climate dialogue by making accessible to Climate Museum visitors an understanding of the latest science and solutions.

In the last year, they’ve answered the public’s questions during our citywide Ask a Scientist Day, explained ice cores and paleoclimatology at an art exhibition, and continuously supported us with their scientific expertise.

To inquire about joining the Climate Museum’s Science Working Group, please contact Bram Ziltzer at

Christian Braneon BW2.jpg

“It was truly an honor to talk directly to citizens about our changing climate on the Museum’s Ask a Scientist Day. This was a wonderful opportunity to bring climate science directly to communities and promote climate action.”

— Christian Braenon, Remote Sensing Specialist at NASA; Climate Museum Science Working Group Member